At Truth About Germs, we are committed to bringing you valuable information from companies that are utilizing science, the best available technology, and common sense to reduce the risk of infection from COVID-19 and other viruses, germs, etc.  The overview below from US BioSolutions™ addresses what they believe is an immediate need for more information about the use of Sanitizers and Disinfectants to neutralize or kill pathogens, other viruses and germs on surfaces, and a need for Disinfectant Tracing[1] which includes but is not limited to: grocery stores, hospitals, nursing homes, retail stores, airlines, and restaurants.

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From US BioSolutions™:

A recent article from CNN online entitled, ‘Two hairstylists who had coronavirus saw 140 clients. No new infections have been linked to the salon, officials say’ brings to light some important information as follows:

  • “…Of the 140 clients and seven co-workers potentially exposed, 46 took tests that came back negative. All the others were quarantined for the duration of the coronavirus incubation period. The 14-day incubation period has now passed with no coronavirus cases linked to the salon beyond the two stylists, county health officials said…”
  • “…”We are studying more closely the details of these exposures, including what types of face coverings were worn and what other precautions were taken to lead to this encouraging result…” – Clay Goddard, County Health Director.

We called the Great Clips Salon in Missouri and asked the management what Disinfectant they use to treat the Salon’s surfaces.  We were pleasantly surprised to find that the Disinfectant they used is a member of the Quats chemical family and defined as follows:

Quats (quaternary ammonium compounds) are potent disinfectant chemicals commonly found in disinfectant wipes, sprays and other household cleaners that are designed to kill germs. It is often the stuff that allows a product to claim to be antibacterial, as certified by the EPA as pesticides.[2]

It is logical to hypothesize that that there are no new COVID-19 cases traced to the Salon (beyond the two infected hairstylists) because they used a Quats disinfectant in their Salon to treat the surfaces in addition to face covering.  To the best of our knowledge, no so-called experts or anybody in the media have raised this issue.

Why the Need for Disinfectant Tracing?

Because you can have your face completely covered in a mask or face covering and stay 6 feet or more away from other people in public, but that does not ensure your safety alone.  If you touch a surface (door knob, table, grocery story conveyor belt in the check-out line, etc.) where someone has recently sneezed, coughed, or touched a surface with droplets that contain COVID-19 and then you touch the surface, you substantially increase the risk or probability of infecting yourself and others.

When asked by a restaurant for your identification and information for contact tracing, it makes perfect sense to ask the restaurant to disclose the exact disinfectant they are using to clean surfaces.  (Even if the restaurant doesn’t ask for ID…isn’t it smart to ask whether Quats are used?)

If we are all in this together, then why are Massachusetts’ grocery stores refusing to publicly post the labels on the Disinfectants they use or at least answer the question and provide the information when asked?  Is it because the label on the Disinfectant says that in order to ensure you kill pathogens like COVID-19 that you need to let the Disinfectant stay on the treated surface for 3-10 minutes?

Is it because they are over diluting the Disinfectant with water that is possibly rendering the disinfectant ineffective?  Or is it because they don’t want you to know they’re not acting in your best interests and they are not properly disinfecing their surfaces to keep you safe.

Even the use of paper towels with Disinfectant to wipe their conveyor surfaces leaves big gaps in coverage cannot eliminate all the harmful pathogens before your own groceries are placed on the conveyor.  It’s common sense and simple logic that you can’t kill the pathogens if the disinfectant does not come into contact with the pathogen.

The Disinfectant-Infused BioMitt to Neutralize Pathogens on Surfaces illustrates in one minute the gaps in surface coverage of Disinfectants at a grocery store.

END from US BioSolutions™

Wow, thanks US BioSolutions™ that was some GREAT insight and REALLY makes you wonder about disinfectants that are used EVERYWHERE.

Like they said above, we encourage you to ask you local businesses, what are they using to Disinfect. Clearly, it can be the difference in mitigating the risk of infection AND in immunocompromised people that could mean life or death!

[1] Disinfectant Tracing is documenting in detail and publicly displaying the disinfectants used by establishments where there is a high volume of human activity where people are coming in contact with surfaces.

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